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Tried to start the veggie juice cleanse but I have no money and there are no veggies in my house….nor a juicer.

I guess i’ll have to make due with eating other healthy things??

Oh well.

Food Intake:

Jump-rope for like a minute (my stanima sucks and the house was shaking LMAO)- 15ish calories. Trampoline 7 minutes- 35 calories. Walking leisurely 4 minutes- 21 calories.

Net Calories:

My Stats as of 5/16/2014

Height: 5’8”

Age: 20 in 2 days!!!

Current Weight: 235lbs

Highest Weight: Around 265lbs

Goal Weight: 130lbs 


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Freshman 15 is a real thing guys. College on left… Post college on right. Late night munchies (yeah THOSE munchies), meal plans on campus, parties.. they all did me DIRTY!! Three years after college I can say I’m doing pretty good. Glad that’s under control!